We will be continuing to practice "curbside care” until the governor lifts the stay at home order. 
What to expect when you arrive:
When you arrive for your appointment, call us from your car. The receptionist will check you in, and transfer the call to a technician who will ask a few questions so that we understand your pets condition. The technician will then come outside (wearing a mask and gloves) to collect your pet. If your pet is in a carrier, please place it outside the car and step back so that the technician may pick it up while maintaining 6ft of distance from you. If your dog is on a leash, please allow her to step forward 6ft from you, so that the technician can place one of our own leashes on her. The technician will then step back and ask you to remove your own leash before proceeding inside. Please wait in your car in the parking lot during this time. Once inside, the doctor will examine your pet, then call you to discuss the plan for testing and treatment. If an estimate is needed, a technician will go over it with you by phone before we proceed with any tests or treatment. When everything is done, we will call you to discuss lab results and transfer you to the receptionist who will collect payment over the phone. The technician will then bring your pet out to you, and transfer her back to you in the same manner as before.

tick grass 350pxWhen the weather gets warmer and your pets spend more time outside, there is a greater chance that they will come into contact with ticks.

Aside from being a painful pest, ticks can also carry Lyme disease. Read our article to discover more about this disease and how to both prevent and detect it.

canine flu h3n8 h3n2 strains At Glenwood Village Hospital, it is our number one priority to make sure that your pet is healthy and happy. 

Read this article about the Canine Influenza Virus to learn more about this virus and how it could affect your dog.