At Glenwood Village Pet Hospital, we are doing our part to protect your pet and prevent the spread of canine influenza and other contagious diseases. We are taking special measures to ensure that your dog is not exposed to those who may be carrying viruses.

  • Canine Influenza H3N8 and H3N2 WarningWe ask that any owner who schedules an appointment for a pet with signs such as cough, sneeze, runny nose, or any other signs of potentially contagious diseases, please wait in the car and call the front desk from his/her cell phone upon arrival.

  • Once a room is available, the receptionist will then come out to the car to escort the patient and owner through the side door and directly into the nearest exam room, thus preventing the sick patient from entering the lobby at all.

  • Once the patient has been seen, the veterinarian and technician change their clothing and disinfect equipment such as stethoscopes before moving to the next patient.

  • The owner is checked out in the room (instead of standing by the front desk with all the other patients) then escorted through the side door without entering the lobby.

  • The exam room and hallway are then bleached and allowed to dry before another patient can go into that room.

This way, we prevent sick pets from waiting in the lobby (either before or after the appointment) and potentially exposing other healthy pets. This has always been our protocol for dogs exhibiting signs of respiratory disease, so rest assured we have practice at this!