At the GVPH Pet Supply Store, we offer a variety of products to keep your pet's happy and healthy.

  GVPH Pet Store & Supplies
  GVPH's Pet Store also offers a wide selection of veterinary diets.

Veterinary Diets & Treats

Food items we carry include a variety of Hills Prescription Diets, Science Diet, and Purina Prescription Diets. Also, we carry treats that correspond with these diets.

Pet Toys

Our store is fully stocked with dog toys including Premier interactive toys, Nylabones, and Kongs. To help teach your dog to walk better on a leash, we recommend and carry Premier Gentle Leaders and the Easy Walk Harness.

For our feline friends, we stock Cat Dancers, SlimCat, and a variety of mouse toys.

Pet Dental Products

To keep your pet's teeth pearly white, our veterinarians recommend CET dental products. Some products we carry include CET Chews, CET Toothpaste, and CET Dental Rewards Bones.

Grooming Supplies

You will also find many grooming supplies to keep your pet's coat nice and shiny. Not only do we carry many different brushes and shampoos, you will also find the FURminator Deshedding Tool, which reduces shedding up to 90%.